NCS Exploration 2017 – Recent Advances in Exploration Technology

Scandic Fornebu 10-11 May 2017

NCS Exploration 2017 – Recent Advances in Exploration Technology

De-risking Gone Wrong? How to Increase Commercial Success Rates.

The backdrop for this conference is that few commercial discoveries are made despite many technical discoveries. Is this due to an exploration toolbox that is not sufficient for the proper de-risking of prospects?

The objective is therefore to investigate the effectiveness of both geophysical and geochemical technologies by analysing various case studies.



Session 1Learnings from NCS & UKCSChairman: Halfdan CarstensGeoPublishing AS
08:5551 years of riskingHalfdan CarstensGeoPublishing AS
BackgroundGEO 3/2017: Den første oljen
09:00KeynoteImproving by learning from the past - Statistics volumes pre/post drillingWenche Tjelta JohansenNPD
09:30KeynoteExploration Stewardship: Selecting the optimum targets from the UK’s national prospect portfolioNick RichardsonOil & Gas Authority "The reasons for dry wells"
10:00Coffee break
10:30Session 2The geophysical toolboxChairman: Erik Ødegaard Statoil ASA
10:30Dos and don’ts in AVO analysis – a few quick reminders…Erik ØdegaardStatoil ASA
10:50Rex Virtual Drilling - Turning seismic noise into hydrocarbon treasuresHans LidgrenRex Technology Management
11:10Zumba vs. Cara – From failure to success in geophysical QI deriskingPer AvsethG&G Resources / NTNUR
11:30Coffee break
11:45Integrated Risk and Volume for 2017 Barents Sea Exploration Program Pål T. GabrielsenEMGS "Bad news for Korpfjell"
12:00TopSeis - a novel approach in seismic marine acquisition and imaging (Frigg/Gamma)Vetle VinjeCGG "Går bananas med ny teknologi"
12:15An Efficient Workflow for Predicting Reservoir Properties Directly from AVO Seismic Data Using Rock PhysicsÅsmund DrottningRock Physics Technology
13:30Session 3The geochemical toolboxChairman: Daniel StoddartGeo Eight AS
13:30An overview of geochemical explorationDaniel StoddartGeo Eight AS
13:40Unlocking complex migration on the Norwegian Continental ShelfWim LekensGeoprovider
13:55Derisking Shallow Prospects in the Barents Sea Using Calibrated Seep DataStephane PolteauVBPR
14:10Hydrocarbon phase prediction - easy to make difficult to testØyvind SyltaMigris
14:25Coffee break
14:45Basin modelling and geochemistry as tools during risk assessment. A case study from the Norwegian North SeaLuiyin BerbesiStatoil ASA
15:00‘Geochemical’ pre-drill derisking and value of Geochemcial data and knowledge - exemplified by the Wisting and Cara discoveriesRichard OlstadPandion Energy
15:15Luno II: Reservoir Geochemistry and Charge ModellingRolando di PrimioLundin Norway "En ny skalp i beltet"
15:40Panel discussionThe toolboxModerators: Halfdan Carstens / Dag Helland-HansenGeoPublishing / Aker BP
Erik Ødegård
Richard Olstad
Daniel Stoddart
Per Avseth
Pål T. Gabrielsen
Statoil ASA
Pandion Energy
Geo Eight AS
G&G Resources
16:30End day 1
17:00Field trip: The Ordovician sedimentary rocks of the Oslo RiftMorten Bergan Bayerngas Norge "Field trip" "Kortreist ekskursjonslokalitet"
19:00Spring MINIBreak
MINIBreak speechRichard Sinding-Larsen
08:25Session 4De-risking - from the insideChairman: Idar KjørlaugMOECO
08:30KeynoteLessons from NCS drilling performance 2008-2017Keith MyersWestwood Global Energy "Too many dry wells"
08:50KeynoteImpact of exploration risk on company strategies and business plansAnders WittemannWittemann Consulting
09:10De-risking Faroe styleElisabeth FemsteinevikFaroe "Brasse: Størst hittil"
09:20Risk process in Aker BPErik HoltarAker BP
09:50Coffee break
10:15Session 5Case studies – Learning from de-risking in practiceCharimen: Vetle Vinje / Berit OsnesCGG / PGS
10:20The potential for recognizing exhumation events in sedimentary basins by use of geophysical data – current and new techniques that might reduce uncertaintyKenneth DuffautNTNU
10:35North East Greenland-a hostile icy environment for seismic. How to ever get a 3D cube here -the answer is 2DCUBEDWill BradburyTGS
11:50Derisking the Agat play using a standardized well, seismic and reservoir attribute databaseAurelien van WeldenCGG
11:05Imaging and Interpretation of Jurassic Reservoir Sequences in the Wisting-Korpfjell Areas Using High-Resolution P-Cable Seismic DataMikal TrulsvikVBPR "Milliarder av fat i vente"
11:30Prospectivity Analysis in the Eastern Barents Sea: identification of leads through state-of-the-art depth imaging workflowsLaurent FeuilleauboisPGS
11:45The silver bullet – that wasn’t. Or how to walk away from a super-giant field in Europe.R. John AncockInterGEOconsult "The silver bullet – that wasn’t"
12:55Session 6New ways of workingChairmen: Kristin Dale / Anette Broch Mathisen TvedtG&G Resources / Petrolia & NGF
13:00Improving hydrocarbon exploration & production through crowdsourcing, collaborative thought generation and knowledge sharingKees JongepierDraupner Energy
Machine-Learning to Reduce UncertaintyEirik Larsen / Diderich BuchEarth Science Analytics / Headwave
13:40Session 7Case studies – Learning from de-risking in practiceChairmen: Kristin Dale / Anette Broch Mathisen TvedtG&G Resources / Petrolia & NGF
KeynoteDe-risking the UK’s Basement Play: Case Study from Lancaster FieldDr. Robert TriceHurricane Energy "Gigantfunn for Hurricane"
14:15Updated risk analysis of prospects in the Barents Sea South-East by implementation of CSEM dataEkaterina GavrilovaRN Nordic Oil AS "Bad news for Korpfjell"
14:30Well 7130/4-1 Ørnen – Proving a working hydrocarbon system in Permian spiculitesLars HübertLime Petroleum "Skuffelse før det nye året"
14:4536/7-4 Cara Discovery – de-risking done rightJan Åge GregerENGIE E&P Norge AS "Fake news korrigert"
15:00End day 2