Thumbs up!

Confidence in the exploration community after RD 2016

“Thumbs up! Great conference!” – one of many positive comments at the end of this year’s NCS Exploration Conference on Recent Discoveries in Oslo.

This opinion not only expresses the enthusiasm of the delegates for the event. It also summarises the optimistic spirit that was shared and fostered by the 140+ delegates who enjoyed two days of exciting and inspiring talks at a fantastic venue.

The presenters in the ten sessions did a great job. All were highly motivated to share their experiences and knowledge. We got interesting insights into the processes and rationals behind recent discoveries as well as failures. In addition, quite a few talks gave an outlook on the expected development of exploration activity and success on the NCS.
And the attendees got the clear message that the future is a bright one. The speakers and attendees agreed that improvements are obviously necessary yet about to take place quite soon.

Eirik Wærnes from Statoil stated in his key note that based on the currently available information, it is clear that the demand for oil and gas will not decline any time soon. Jarand Rystad from Rystad Energy pointed out that according to Rystad’s analysis, the current low of oil price is caused by a typical oversupply and not by a structural change in the industry, which makes him optimistic that the oil price will recover to moderate levels soon. Maren Bjørnheim from NPD explained that the potential on the NCS and in particular in the Barents Sea is remarkable.

The conference was rounded up with quite a complementary program. During the entire conference, experts from CGGORG GeophysicalFirst GEO and Rystad Energy presented their technologies and products in an exhibition and discussed these intensively with the interested attendees.

After the presentations on day 1 of the conference, the participants were viewing exclusively complete cores from 3 different wells – Tellus, Volund and Wisting Central – and enjoyed the enthusiastic explanations by the experts Nicholas Satur from Det norske, Elin Olsen with Eirik Stueland from OMV and Ronald Sørlie from Lundin. 

The field trip under the guidance of Morten Bergan from Bayerngas to the Cambro-Silurian sedimentary rocks of the Oslo Rift took the participants to the shore right outside of the hotel where they enjoyed both interesting geology as well as best May weather.

The dinner allowed for interesting chats with new acquaintances due to a table raffle. In her dinner speech, Sidsel Lindsø challenged the innovation culture in the industry and encouraged the delegates to think outside the box.

See some impressions from the conference (click to see the full album):