The program committee is working on the program for the upcoming 2017 conference. The program is being updated continuously.

Topic for NCS Exploration 2017 is:

Recent Advances in Exploration Technology
De-risking Gone Wrong? How to Increase the NCS Success Ratio.


Preliminary program – Day 1

Session 1The use of geophysical and geochemical tools in de-risking of prospectsChairman: Halfdan CarstensGeoPublishing AS
08:55WelcomeHalfdan CarstensGeoPublishing AS
09:00KeynoteStatisics volumes pre/post drillingSissel EriksenNPD
09:30KeynoteExploration Stewardship: Selecting the optimum targets from the UK’s national prospect portfolioNick RichardsonOGA
10:00Coffee break
10:30Session 2The geophysical toolboxChairman: Erik Ødegård Statoil ASA
Rex Virtual Drilling - Turning seismic noise into hydrocarbon treasuresHans LidgrenRex Technology Management
Cara vs. Zumba - geophysical deriskingPer AvsethIndependent
Integrated Risk and Volume for 2017 Barents Sea Exploration Program Daniel BaltarEMGS
TopSeis - a novel approach in seismic marine acquisition and imaging (Frigg/Gamma)Vetle VinjeCGG
13:30Session 3The geochemical toolboxChairman: Daniel StoddartGeo Eight AS
Unlocking complex migration on the Norwegian Continental ShelfWim LekensGeoprovider
Derisking Shallow Prospects in the Barents Sea Using Calibrated Seep DataStephane PolteauVBPR
Hydrocarbon phase prediction - easy to make difficult to testØyvind SyltaMigris
Coffee break
Geochemical pre-drill derisking exemplified by the Cara discoveryRichard OlstadPandion Energy
Basin modelling and geochemistry as tools during risk assessment. A case study from the Norwegian North SeaLuiyin BerbesiStatoil ASA
Luno II: Reservoir Geochemistry and Charge ModellingRolando di PrimioLundin Norway
The toolbox: Panel discussionModerators: Halfdan Carstens / Dag Helland-HansenGeoPublishing / Aker BP
End day 1


Preliminary program – Day 2

08:25Session 4De-risking - from the insideChairman: Idar KjørlaugMOECO
08:30TBAAnders WittemannWittemann Consulting
08:50TBAErik HoltarAker BP
09:05TBABjarte HellevangPetrolia
09:20TBAHalvor JahreLundin Norway AS
10:00Coffee break
Session 5Case studies – Learning from de-risking in practiceCharimen: Vetle Vinje / Berit OsnesCGG / PGS
10:30The potential for recognizing exhumation events in sedimentary basins by use of geophysical data – current and new techniques that might reduce uncertaintyKenneth DuffautNTNU
10:45North East Greenland-a hostile icy environment for seismic. How to ever get a 3D cube here -the answer is 2DCUBEDBent KjølhamarTGS
11:15Derisking the Agat play using a standardized well, seismic and reservoir attribute databaseAurelien van WeldenCGG
11:30Imaging and Interpretation of Jurassic Reservoir Sequences in the Wisting-Korpfjell Areas Using High-Resolution P-Cable Seismic DataMikal TrulsvikVBPR
11:45Prospectivity Analysis in the Eastern Barents Sea: identification of leads through state-of-the-art depth imaging workflowsLaurent FeuilleauboisPGS
12:00Updated risk analysis of prospects in the Barents Sea South-East by implementation of CSEM dataEkaterina GavrilovaRN Nordic Oil AS
Session 6Case studies – Learning from de-risking in practiceChairmen: Kristin Dale / Anette Broch Mathisen TvedtIndependent / Petrolia & NGF
KeynoteDe-risking the UK’s Basement Play: Case Study from Lancaster FieldDr. Robert TriceHurricane Energy
13:45The silver bullet – that wasn’t. Or how to walk away from a super-giant field in Europe.John Ancock
14:00Well 7130/4-1 Ørnen – Proving a working hydrocarbon system in Permian spiculitesLars HübertLime Petroleum
14:15LangfjelletKjell Thon / Lena ØvrebøAker BP
14:30Coffee break
15:0036/7-4 Cara Discovery – de-risking done rightTBAENGIE E&P Norge AS
15:15Exploration outside the mute zone – Use of seismic refraction velocities for de-riskingJan Erik LieLundin Norway AS
15:30De-risking from the inside: Panel discussionModerators: Idar Kjørlaug / TBAMoeco / TBA
16:00End day 2


The conference and exhibition are organised by the Geological Society of Norway and GeoPublishing AS.